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Below is a list of some of the manuals included on this amazing DVD package from the following military Branches.


US Army

Air Force

United States Marine Corps USMC

Department Of Defense

Foreign Military Branches                


Special Operations

ARMY Airborne Operations                                                        1990   303 pages  pdf

ARMY Counter Intelligence                                                        1995   229 pages  pdf

ARMY Counter Guerilla Operations                                           1986   257 pages  pdf

ARMY Counter Intelligence Investigations                                 1998    95 pages  pdf

ARMY Counter Intelligence Liaison Activities                           1993    56 pages  pdf

ARMY Desert Operations                                                           1993   221 pages  pdf

ARMY Domestic Operations                                                                 163 pages  pdf

ARMY Individual Operations and Survival in Cold Weather      1986    80 pages  pdf

ARMY Jungle Operations                                                           1982   191 pages  pdf

ARMY Long Range Surveillance Unit Operations                      1995   288 pages  pdf

ARMY Military Mountaineering FM 3-97.61                             2002   324 pages  pdf

ARMY Military Working Dogs  FM 3-19-17                              2005   135 pages  pdf

ARMY Mine Recognition and Warfare Handbook                     1990   193 pages  pdf

ARMY Mine Countermine Operations                                       2002   512 pages  pdf

ARMY Mine Countermine Operations                                       1998   520 pages  pdf

ARMY Mountain Operations  FM 3-97.6                                    2000   140 pages  pdf

ARMY Multiserv. Proc. for Unexploded Ord. Ops                      2001    81 pages  pdf

ARMY Multiserv. Proc. for Unexploded Ord. Ops                       2005    68 pages  pdf

ARMY Multiserv. Proc. for Unexploded Ord. Dis                       2001   101 pages  pdf

ARMY ANTIPERSONNEL MINE FM 23-23                              1966    43 pages  pdf

ARMY Malfunctions Involving Ammunition and Expl..               2001    24 pages  pdf

Army Explosives Safety Program                                                  2000    22 pages  pdf

ARMY Obstacles, Mines, Demolitions  FM 90-10-1                               18 pages  pdf

ARMY Operational Terms and Graphics FM 101-5-1                   1997   339 pages  pdf

ARMY Operations FM 3-0                                                           2001   313 pages  pdf

ARMY Operations in Low Intensity Conflict                              1992   260 pages  pdf

ARMY Operations Security (OPSEC)                                       1999    52 pages  pdf

ARMY Ordnance and Explosives Response                                  2000   184 pages  pdf

ARMY Pathfinder Operations FM 3-21.38                                  2002   172 pages  pdf

ARMY Peace Operations FM 3-07-31                                       2003   191 pages  pdf

ARMY Photography-Climatic Extremes SS0573                              1987    30 pages  pdf

ARMY POW Resistance FM 21-78                                           1981   112 pages  pdf

ARMY Ranger Unit Operations FM 7-85                                    1987   194 pages  pdf

ARMY Recon and Surveillance Support                                    1991   227 pages  pdf

ARMY Spec Forces Caching Techniq.(stashing equip)                              19 pages  pdf

ARMY Spec Forces Recon Tactics,Techniq,Proced                                 224 pages  pdf

ARMY Standards in Weap. Training for Spec Ops                          1997    56 pages  pdf

ARMY Static Line Parachute Techniq. Training                           2003   436 pages  pdf

ARMY Vietnam 1969 Spec. Issue,Mines & Boobytraps                               74 pages  pdf

ARMY Vietnam Primer Pamphlet                                           1966    41 pages  pdf

ARMY Vietnam-Guerrilla Warfare & Special Ops                           1961   258 pages  pdf

NAVY Blast Resistant Structures DM 2.08                                1986   358 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 1                                                 1994    54 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 2, 1 and C                                        1995    92 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 2, 3 and 2                                        1994    92 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 3                                                 2003    77 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 3, 3 and 2                                        1994    84 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 5                                                 1994    60 pages  pdf

NAVY Mineman, Volume 7                                                 1998   214 pages  pdf

NAVY Operations Specialist, Volume 1                                   2000   294 pages  pdf

NAVY Underwater Cutting & Welding                                      2002   200 pages  pdf

USMC Flame,Riot Control Agents,Herbicide Ops                           1996   128 pages  pdf

USMC Scouting and Patrolling MCWP 3-11                                 2000   109 pages  pdf

Vietnam Mini manual of the Urban Guerrilla                             1969    31 pages  pdf

USMC MWTC Assault Climbers Handbook                                    2002   296 pages  pdf

USMC Night Warrior Handbook MCRP 3-000                                 2000   135 pages  pdf

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Tables                                          2008     1 Pages  pdf

DOD Barriers Obstacles and Mine Warfare                                1999    97 Pages  pdf

DCSINT Defense Support of Civil Authorities                            2005    58 Pages  pdf

DCSINT Cyber Operations and Cyber Terrorism                            2005    46 Pages  pdf

DCSINT Suicide Bombing in the COE                                      2005    42 Pages  pdf

DCSINT Terror Operations Case Studies in Terrorism                     2005   106 Pages  pdf

US Navy Diving Manual                                                  1999   942 Pages  pdf

US Marine Corps Remote Sensor Operations                                      88  pages  pdf

USMC Free Fall Operations parachuting                                  2005   295 pages  pdf

ARMY Military Mountaineering Techniques Advanced                               78 pages  pdf

Unconventional Warfare Devices And Techniques Incendiaries            1969   159 pages  pdf

DIA Combat Survival Guerrila Skills Handbook of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 1984 142 pages.pdf 





Handguns, Rifles, Machine Gun And Ammunition Manuals



ARMY Claymore Mine M18A1, M18                                                                1966   43 pages  pdf

US Army Interpreting Ammunition Markings and Color Codes MM2597                        19 pages  pdf

US Army Identifying Ammunition                                                                                    78 pages  pdf

US Army Ammunition Data Sheets for Small Caliber Firearms TM43-0001-27   1994  325 pages  pdf

US Army Small Arms Ammunition  Hot Weather, Desert Operations                     2005    2 pages  pdf

US Army Ammo Data Sheets 017653                                                                 1994  887 pages  pdf

US Army Ammunition Storage                                                                                         74 pages  pdf

US Army General Ammunition  TM 9-1300-200                                                 1993  243 pages  pdf

Soviet Mosin Nagant 1891-1944 Rifles, Carbines, Sniper Rifles Op Manual         1954   37 pages  pdf

Olympic Arms Inc. OA Series Firearms Owners Manual                                                  34 pages  pdf

Olympic Arms Inc. PCR And AR Owners Manual                                                           26 pages  pdf

US Marines Machine Guns and Machine Gun Gunnery MCWP3-15.9                 1996  430 pages  pdf

M16A1 Colt Rifle Maintenance & Repair Manual                                                 1980   65 pages  pdf

M16A1 Colt Lower Receiver Blueprints                                                                            1 page   pdf

M16A1 Rifle Maintenance  Cartoon Booklet                                                        1960   30 pages  pdf

US Army Operator's Manual for M16 and M16A1 rifles TM 9-1005-249-10      1985  154 pages  pdf

US Army M16 Rifle Maintenance and Operations                                                1985  153 pages  pdf

US Army M16A2 5.56mm Rifle                                                                           1993   66 pages  pdf

US Army M16 Rifle Manual TM 9-1005                                                             1983  202 pages  pdf

US Army AR15, Car15, M16 Rifle Manual                                                                   121 pages  pdf

US Army 40mm Grenade Launcher M203 FM 3-22.31                                      2003  144 pages  pdf

AR-15 Receiver-3D-Breakdown                                                                                       1 page   pdf

AR-15 Receiver Blueprints                                                                                                1 page   pdf

AR15 Diagram                                                                                                                  1 page   pdf

Armalite AR10 M15 Operators Manual                                                               1997   24 pages  pdf

The Fighting Garand                                                                                                        85 pages  pdf

Robinson Armament Co. VEPR II Rifle Owners Manual                                                 28 pages  pdf

Robinson Armory Super VEPR .308 cal Owners Manual                                     2000   28 pages  pdf

Robinson Armament Co. M96 Recon and Expeditionary Owners Manual             2002   23 pages  pdf

Soviet BLOC SKS Carbine Technical Information                                               2002   28 pages  pdf

US Marines M9 Service Pistol SCRS 1006                                                        2000   13 pages  pdf

Bushmaster XM15 Operators Manual                                                                 1999   30 pages  pdf

Bushmaster M17S Bulpup Operators and Safety Manual                                     1999   11 pages  pdf

US Army Use of the Rifle Sling                                                                             1951    4 pages  pdf

M60 Machine Gun Operators Manual                                                                  1970   31 pages  pdf

Heckler and Koch H and K MP5 Submachine gun Operators Manual                          1 19 pages  pdf

Heckler and Koch HK G3 GMBH 7.62 x 51 Nato Automatic Rifle Operators Manual    57 pages  pdf

Heckler and Koch HK33 5.56mm x 45 Nato Automatic Rifle Operators Manual             55 pages  pdf

US Marines FRAG-12 High Explosive Shotgun Shells                                                        1 page   pdf

Soviet SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle 7.62 Technical Description, Service Manual   1999   27 pages  pdf

M1 Carbine Rifle Operators Manual                                                                                97 pages  pdf

FN FAL Assault Rifle                                                                                                      42 pages  pdf

US Army Mortar Gunnery FM 23-91                                                                             424 pages  pdf

Ruger M-77 Bolt Action Rifle Operators Manual                                                                9 pages  pdf

Remington 870 & 870 Super Magnum Pump Action Shotgun Owners Manual                  20 pages  pdf

FN 98 Mauser Model 98 Rifle Operators Manual                                                            28 pages  pdf

9mm M9 Pistol Use and Maintenance                                                                  1985  120 pages  pdf

Ruger Mini Thirty Auto loading Rifle 7.62 x 39mm                                                           21 pages  pdf

US Army Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals FM 3-23.30                                   2005  156 pages  pdf

Uzi Sub Machinegun Operation Manual                                                                          25 pages  pdf

Sten MKII Blue Prints                                                                                                    22 pages  pdf

Sten Mk II Carbine 9mm General Instructions                                                       1942    9 pages  pdf

9mm Browning High Power Automatic Pistol                                                                  17 pages  pdf

Ruger Mini-14 .223mm Caliber Auto Loading Rifle Operators Manual                           48 pages  pdf

US Army Tactical Employment of Mortars FM 7-90                                          1992  296 pages  pdf

HEL 5.56mm Suppressor for the M16 A1                                                            2002    7 pages  pdf

US Army M9 9mm Pistol Tm 9-1005                                                                 1987   71 pages  pdf

HK416 Enhanced Carbine 5.56x45mm NATO                                                               2 pages  pdf

US Army Vietnam M1 Garand Rifle TM 9-1005                                                1969   43 pages  pdf

Remington 1100, 11-87 and 11-87 Super Magnum Auto Shotguns                                26 pages  pdf

VEPR Rifle and Carbine Operators Manual                                                        1998   15 pages  pdf

US Army .50 Caliber Machinegun Maintenance and Operation                          1984  112 pages  pdf

US Army M60 Machinegun Maintenance And Operation                                  1998  220 pages  pdf

German Luger Pistol Owners Manual                                                                            19 pages  pdf

US Patent designs for Handgun Fire Selector                                                      1998   11 pages  pdf

Israeli Galil ARM, AR, SAR Model 5.56mm Automatic Assault Rifle Operators Manual33 pages  pdf

FN 49 Semi Automatic Rifle                                                                                       53 pages  pdf

How To disassemble and Reassemble the M1 Garand Rifle                                         9 pages  pdf

Military Armament Corp. MAC 10,  M10-M11 Submachine Gun Operation  Maintenance  36 pages  pdf

SAR Romanian Semi Automatic Rifle Operators Manual                               2001   12 pages  pdf

US Army Operators Manual for The AK-47                                                               42 pages  pdf

US Army Browning MG 50 Caliber HB M2  FM 23-65                                 1991  201 pages  pdf

US Army Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun FM 23-65                              2002  246 pages  pdf

Ruger Mark 3, Auto loading Pistol Owners Manual                                                   44 pages  pdf

Lee Enfield Rifles Operators Manual                                                                          11 pages  pdf

Safari Arms .45 Automatic Pistols Owners Manual                                                    42 pages  pdf

US WWI Model .30 Caliber 1917 Rifle Operators Manual                             1918   33 pages  pdf

Walther P-38 Owners Manual                                                                                     24 pages  pdf

US Army M4 Carbine   5.56MM                                                                     1987   56 pages  pdf

US Army Thompson Submachine Gun .45 Caliber M1928A1                        1942   14 pages  pdf

US Army Vietnam M14, M14A, M2 Bipod, Rifle Operators Manual             1968   68 pages  pdf

US Army Vietnam Match Weapon                                                                    1971    6 pages  pdf

US Navy WWII 16-inch Gun Range Tables                                                     1944   72 pages  pdf

HS 2000 Owners Manual  9x19mm Parabellum Pistol                                               36 pages  pdf

US Army Mortars FM 23-90                                                                           2002  347 pages  pdf

US Navy WWII 8-inch 3-gun Turrets                                                             1947  220 pages  pdf

US Army Vietnam SKS Rifle Simonov Type 56  TC 956                               1969   23 pages  pdf

US Army Vietnam 7.62MM M14 and M14E2  FM 23-8                                 1965   51 pages  pdf

US Navy WWII 5-inch Gun Operations manual                                             1943  102 pages  pdf

Romak-3 Dragunov Rifle 7.62x52R Owners Manual                                                  7 pages  pdf

Valmet M76 Semiautomatic Rifle Operators Manual                                                    11 pages  pdf

US Army Principles of Artillery Weapons TM 9-3305                                     1981  131 pages  pdf

US Army  Shotguns TM 9-285                                                                       1967  257 pages  pdf

US Army M1917 Enfield 1917                                                                       1917   33 pages  pdf

US Army M4A1 Carbine 5.56MM                                                                 1994   58 pages  pdf

Glocks Armorers Manual Glock 9mm Semiautomatic  17,19,20,21,22,23 & 17L  1992   60 pages  pdf



Chief Petty Officer Patrick Flynn, of Provincial Reconstruction Team Khost, interviews an Afghan laborer after a recent attack at a local municipal building.

Military and CIA Intelligence Operations

ARMy Captured Document Handling                                          1995   35 pages  pdf

ARMY Counter Intelligence                                                1995  229 pages  pdf

ARMY Information Operations FM 3-13                                      2003  314 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Operations                      1986  324 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence Analysis FM 34-3                                       1990  429 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence in Combatting Terrorism                                1998   98 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence in Support of Internal Defense Operations              1998   63 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence Interrogation FM 34-52                                 1992  177 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence Officers Handbook FM 34-8-2                            1998  212 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlefield                         1995  279 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence FM 2-0                                                 2004  211 pages  pdf

ARMY Intelligence Officer Responsibilities                               1999   51 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Approaches                                            1995   31 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Questioning Techniques                                1997   35 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Screening Operations                                  1998   48 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Use of Interpreters                                   1996   23 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Operations                                            1995   80 pages  pdf

ARMY Interrogation Terminate an Interrogation                            1998   23 pages  pdf

ARMY Intro to Battlefield Tech Intelligence                              1998   57 pages  pdf

ARMY Introduction to the Intel. Analyst                                  1994   31 pages  pdf

ARMY Prepare Analysis of Battlefield Area                                1998   85 pages  pdf

ARMY PSYOPS Psychological Ops Leaders Plan Guide                         2005   80 pages  pdf

ARMY Strategic Intelligence                                              1997   94 pages  pdf

ARMY Technical Intelligence  FM 34-54                                    1998  191 pages  pdf

ARMY Use of Intelligence Products IT0552                                 1993  135 pages  pdf

ARMY Introduction to Imagery Analysis                                          141 pages  pdf

ARMY Korea UFO Official Manual                                           1954   25 pages  pdf

ARMY Analyze Electrical Power Industries on Aerial Imagery                      88 pages  pdf

ARMY Analyze Fabrication Industries on Aerial Imagery                           54 pages  pdf

ARMY Analyze Industries in General & Extraction Industries on Aerial Imagery    43 pages  pdf

ARMY Analyze Military Activities and Installations on Aerial Imagery            58 pages  pdf

ARMY Analyze Processing Industries on Aerial Imagery                           122 pages  pdf

ARMY Detect Camouflage and Analyze Defensive Measures on Aerial Imagery         71 pages  pdf

ARMY Identify Engineer and Decontamination Equipment on Aerial Imagery         131 pages  pdf

ARMY Infrared Imagery                                                           51 pages  pdf

Army Information Security Program                                        2000  311 pages  pdf

ARMY  Division intelligence and electronic warefare operations           1986  241 pages  pdf

NAVY Intel Specialist 3 and 2 Volume 1                                   1996  402 pages  pdf

USMC Geographic Intelligence GEOINT                                      2000  202 pages  pdf

USMC Imagery Intelligence MCWP 2-15.4                                    2002  210 pages  pdf

CIA  World Fact Book                                                     2008             pdf



Damage Controlman 2nd Class Scott Johnson from Mt. Pleasant, Mich., practices with a 9mm pistol during training for base Military Police at the Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka indoor pistol & shotgun range

Sniping Training And Marksmanship

ARMY Primary Sniper Weapons of the World                                         7 pages.pdf

ARMY Sniper Sustainment Training                                                21 pages.pdf

ARMY Sniper Training  FM 23-10                                           1994  327 pages.pdf

NAVY Seal Sniper Training Syllabus                                             301 pages.pdf

Sniper British Sniper Training                                           2001   11 pages.pdf

Sniper How You Can Construct Ghillie Suits                                       6 pages.pdf

Sniper Ballistic Tables                                                          1 pages.pdf

Sniper Marksmanship Training Techniques                                          8 pages.pdf

Sniper Personal Kit and Equipment                                        2001   13 pages.pdf

Sniper Positions                                                                 7 pages.pdf

Sniper Positions Select, Occupation,Construct.                                   3 pages.pdf

Sniper Techniques Reading A Mirage                                               4 pages.pdf

Sniper Countersniper Tactics,Techniques,Procedues                               15 pages.pdf

USMC Sniping  MCWP 3-15.3                                                2004  203 pages.pdf

USMC Sniping  FM 1-3B                                                    1981  202 pages.pdf

ARMY Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide                                         94 pages.pdf

ARMY Trainers Guide To Successful Marksmanship                                  29 pages.pdf

USMC Pistol Marksmanship                                                 2003  111 pages.pdf

USMC Rifle Marksmanship                                                  2001  117 pages.PDF



Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 7 proceed to their second checkpoint during a patrol training exercise.Sgt. Davis, assigned to U.S. Army's 55th Signal Corps, instructs Fleet Combat Camera Atlantic, photographer's mates

Combat Skills

ARMY Boxing West Point Trainers Manual                                        50 pages.pdf

ARMY Caching                                                                    10 pages.pdf

ARMY Camouflage, Concealment and Decoys                                  1999   96 pages.pdf

ARMY Code of the US Fighting Force                                              16 pages.pdf

ARMY Combat Skills of the Soldier                                        1984  249 pages.pdf

ARMY Combat Stress  FM 6-22.5                                            2000   94 pages.pdf

ARMY Combat Training with Pistols, M9,M11                                2003   71 pages.pdf

ARMY Combat Training-Pistols and Revolvers                               1988  100 pages.pdf

ARMY Combatives Hand to Hand combat                                      1992  265 pages.pdf

ARMY Combined-Arms Breaching Operations                                  2002  149 pages.pdf

ARMY Enemy Jungle Tactics Platoon Leaders                                1967   44 pages.pdf

ARMY Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals                                    2005  156 pages.pdf

ARMY Grenades and Pyrotechnic Signals                                    1988  143 pages.pdf

ARMY How to Kill Tanks                                                          31 pages.pdf

ARMY How to Shoot Your M-16 AR15 in Combat                                      82 pages.pdf

ARMY Identifying Ammunition                                                     78 pages.pdf

ARMY Ammunition and Expl Safety Standards                                1999  303 Pages.pdf

ARMY Ammunition and Expl Safety Standards                                1997  194 Pages.pdf

ARMY IDENTIFYING AMMUNITION Subcourse MM 2598 Ed 7                              78 Pages.pdf

ARMY IET Initial Entry Training Soldier Handbook                         2003  583 pages.pdf

ARMY Improvised Munitions Handbook TM31-210                              1969  254 pages.pdf

ARMY Improvised Munitions Handbook TM31-210                                     53 pages.pdf

ARMY Infantry Recon Platoon and Squad FM 7-92                            2001  327 pages.pdf

ARMY Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad                                    2001  409 pages.pdf

ARMY Infantrymans Combat Guide-Built Up Aeas                             1993  302 pages.pdf

ARMY TM 9-1300-214                                                       1984  322 pages.pdf

ARMY Military Guide To 21st Cent. Terrorism                              2004  364 pages.pdf

ARMY NLW Non Lethal Weapons                                              1998   91 pages.pdf

ARMY Nonlethal Munitions                                                 2001    4 pages.pdf

ARMY Obstical Course,Falling,Stretch from FM 21-150                             27 pages.pdf

ARMY Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide                                         94 pages.pdf

ARMY Rappelling                                                          1997  145 pages.pdf

ARMY Religous Support                                                    2003  201 pages.pdf

ARMY Smoke Operations FM 3-50                                            1990   15 pages.pdf

ARMY Smoke Squad - Platoon Operations                                    1994  207 pages.pdf

ARMY Soldier and Weapon Position Design Details                                 63 pages.pdf

ARMY Soldier's Common Tasks Warrior Skills 1                             2006  696 pages.pdf

ARMY Standards In Weapons Training                                       1997  180 pages.pdf

ARMY Stryker BCT Battalion Recon Platoon                                 2003  345 pages.pdf

ARMY Survivability On The Battlefield                                    1985  247 pages.pdf

ARMY Topographic Operations                                              1997  157 pages.pdf

ARMY Topographic Surveying                                               2001  330 pages.pdf

ARMY Training Urban Operations                                           2002  149 pages.pdf

ARMY Urban Operations                                                    2003  349 pages.pdf

ARMY Urban Operations                                                    2006  316 pages.pdf

ARMY Use of the Rifle Sling  FM 23-5                                     1951    4 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam Camouflage                                                  1968  104 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam Combat of Ind. Soldier,Patrolling                           1962   22 pages.pdf

NAVY Captivity The Extreme Circumstance                                  2001  160 pages.pdf

USMC Close Combat                                                        1999  113 pages.pdf

USMC Combatting Terrorism                                                2002  143 pages.pdf

USMC Individual Terrorism Survival                                       2001  138 pages.PDF

USMC Martial Arts                                                        1999  114 pages.pdf

USMC MWTC Winter Survival                                                2002  187 pages.PDF

US Army Infantry School Mountaineering Techniques Basic                        177 pages.PDF

THE SOLDIER’S GUIDE                                                      2004  434 pages.PDF

Combat Stress control in a Threater of operations                        1998  255 pages.pdf

UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE OPERATIONS                                           2001   82 pages.pdf



 Visit, board, search, and seizure (VBSS) team members assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93), breach a door during non-compliant boarding training.U.S. Marines assigned to a mobile training team instruct Guatemalan Marines on various tactical formations during small-unit tactics training.

Tactics and Civilian Operations

ARMY ATC Contingency and Combat Zone Operatoions                         1995   62 pages.pdf

ARMY Combined Arms Ops in Urban Terrain                                  2002  643 pages.pdf

ARMY Commander's Tactical NBC Handbook                                   1994  119 pages.pdf

ARMY Infantry Div.Ops Tatics,Techniq,Procedures                          1993  520 pages.pdf

ARMY Infantry Platoon Tactics and Operations                             1992  402 pages.pdf

ARMY Military Ops Urbanized Terrain                                      1979  276 pages.pdf

USMC Military Ops Urbanized Terrain                                      1998  368 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactical Empl. Antiarmor Platoon,Company                            2002  349 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactical Empl. of Nonlethal Weapons                                 2003  168 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactical Employment of Mortars  FM 7-90                                               

ARMY Tactical Record Traffic Sys.                                        1991  147 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactical Single Chan. Radio Techniques                              1987  186 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactics  FM 3-90                                                    2001  564 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactics,Techniq,Proced. Hi Freq. Radios                             2005  108 pages.pdf

ARMY Weather Support For Army Tactical Operations                        1989  146 pages.pdf

USMC Military Ops on Urban Terrain                                       1998  368 pages.pdf

Military Guide To Terrorism                                              2005  280 pages.pdf

Opposing Force Doctrinal Framework and Strategy                          2003  164 pages.pdf


Food and Water

ARMY Basic Food Preparation QM0333                                             251 pages.pdf

ARMY Dairy MD0715     Ed.100                                                   122 pages.pdf

ARMY Food Containers MD0708   Ed.100                                            67 pages.pdf

ARMY Food Deterioration  MD0723    Ed.100                                      143 pages.pdf

ARMY Food Preparation Part I QM0454                                             85 pages.pdf

ARMY Military Water Supply MD0160  Ed.100                                      241 pages.pdf

ARMY Poultry I MD0712        Ed.100                                             43 pages.pdf

ARMY Poultry II  MD0728      Ed.100                                             69 pages.pdf

ARMY Preservation of Foods MD0703  Ed.100                                      101 pages.pdf

ARMY Red Meats MD0710    Ed.200                                                183 pages.pdf

ARMY Shell Eggs MD0713     Ed.100                                              146 pages.pdf

ARMY Water Supply Sources and General Consider.                          1987   53 pages.pdf

ARMY Water Supply, Water Storage                                         1985   19 pages.pdf

ARMY Water Supply, Water Treatment                                       1985   70 pages.pdf

NAVY Food Safety                                                         1998  161 pages.pdf

ARMY Waterfoods MD0711      Ed.100                                              82 pages.pdf

Food and Water in an Emergency                                           1994    4 pages.pdf

Food Shelf Life                                                          1999   20 pages.pdf

Food Storage Faqs                                                               52 pages.pdf

NAVY Mess Management Specialist                                          1994  356 pages.pdf

USDOD Water Conservation UFC 3-440-02                                    2004  143 pages.pdf

USDOD Water Conservation MIL-HDBK-1165                                   1997  136 pages.pdf

NAVY Cooking Course                                                      1994  392 pages.pdf

Water Things You Need To Know About Water                                1995   21 pages.pdf

EMERGENCY WATER PURIFICATION                                                     4 pages.pdf

Drying Food                                                              2004    8 pages.pdf


A U.S. Navy Photographer's Mate practices donning her gas mask during an exercise

Biological, Chemical, Nuclear Operations and Safety

ARMY Biological Weapons Tech  Section 3                                       27 pages.pdf

ARMY Chem,Bio,Radiolog,Nuclear,Explosive                                 2006   75 pages.pdf

USMC NBC Protection FM 3-4                                               1992  195 pages.pdf

US Multiserv NBC Defense - Tactics                                       2000  220 pages.pdf

US Multiserv Treat. of Bio. Agent Casualties                             2000  115 pages.pdf

Potential Mil.Chem.Bio.Agents&Compounds                                  2005  318 pages.pdf

US Multiserv Treat. of Nuclear & Radiolog.Casualties                           180 pages.pdf

US Army Radiation Protection Manual                                      1997  175 pages.pdf

Tactics,Techniq, Procedures for NBC Recon                                2004  366 pages.pdf

USAF Counter NBC Nuc. Bio. Chem. Ops                                     1995   63 pages.pdf

US Multiserv Biological Surveillance                                     2004  248 pages.pdf

USAF Nuclear Operations                                                  1998   50 pages.pdf

US Multiserv NBC Defense Fixed Sites                                     2000  233 pages.pdf

NATO  Medical Aspects of NBC Defense                                     1996  443 pages.pdf

Electro Magnetic Pulse Avoiding EMP Damage                                       5 pages.pdf

Electro Magnetic Pulse EMP                                                      10 pages.pdf

ARMY Potential Mil.Chem,BioAgents,Compounds                              1990  130 pages.pdf

ARMY Health Service Support-NBC Environment                              2002  240 pages.pdf

ARMY The Medical NBC Battlebook                                          2000  303 pages.pdf

ARMY NBC Decontamination  FM 3-5                                         2000  229 pages.pdf

ARMY Treating Chem. & Bio. Agent Casualties                                     81 pages.pdf

ARMY NBC Field Handbook FM 3-7                                           1993  204 pages.pdf

ARMY Nuclear Contamination Aviodance                                     1994  316 pages.pdf

ARMY Chemical Staffs and Units FM 3-101                                  1993  260 pages.pdf

ARMY Chemical Weapons Tech - Section VI                                         38 pages.pdf

Chemical and Biological Weapon Effects                                          37 pages.pdf

ARMY Nuclear Play Calculator                                             1964   48 pages.pdf

ARMY Field Behavior of NBC Agents FM 3-6                                 1986   79 pages.pdf

BioWarfare and US Strategic Risk                                         2001  116 pages.pdf

ARMY CHEMICAL WEAPONS AND MUNITIONS                                      1982  119 pages.pdf

Protection in Nuclear_War_Survival                                       1985   42 pages.pdf



TREATMENT OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENT CASUALTIES                         2000  111 pages.pdf

Potential Military Chemical Biological Agents and Compounds              1990  130 pages.pdf




A student at the Navy Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) school crosses a frozen creek.

Survival and Survivalist Skills

ARMY Determine Deviation of Compass by Range                             1982    2 pages.pdf

ARMY How to avoid getting lost  GTA 05-02                                       23 pages.pdf

ARMY Avia. Survival I, Elements, Psych. Aspects                          1993   94 pages.pdf

ARMY Avia. Survival III Sustenance                                       1986  108 pages.pdf

ARMY Survival Manual FM 21-76                                            1992  564 pages.pdf

ARMY Combat Evasion and Survival                                               126 pages.pdf

ARMY Survival, Evasion, and Recovery                                     1999  107 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam - Survival, Evasion & Escape                                1969  431 pages.pdf

ARMY Water Survival Training TC 21-21                                    1991   31 pages.pdf

NAVY Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 1 and C                               1985  187 pages.pdf

NAVY Aircrew Survival Equipmentman 2                                     1990  404 pages.pdf

US Marine Corps - MWTC Summer Survival Course Handbook                         180 pages.pdf

USMC MWTC Summer Survival Course Handbook                                2002  180 pages.pdf

USMC MWTC Cold Weather Medicine Course                                   2001  289 pages.pdf

US Goverment Using your Map and Compass                                  2001    5 pages.pdf 

NAVY Basic Pest Management                                               1992  176 pages.pdf

A Modern Underground Storage Cellar                                              5 pages.pdf

NAVY Urban Integrated Pest Management                                    1992  204 pages.pdf

NAVY Weed Control & Plant Growth Reg.                                    1989  179 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam - Shelter Operation and Supplies                            1971   20 pages.pdf

CDC Sheltering in Place                                                          3 pages.pdf

The Ultimate Of All Underground Storage Areas                                    3 pages.pdf

USMC Combat Water Survival                                               1999   60 pages.pdf

USMC Combat Water Survival                                               2003  145 pages.pdf

USAF Pamphlet - Aircrew Survival                                         1985  122 pages.pdf

USMC MWTC Wilderness Medicine Course                                     2002  375 pages.pdf

USMC Survival Manual MCRP 3-02F                                          1992  571 pages.PDF

survivalability                                                          1985  257 pages.PDF

Survival Map And Compass                                                         5 pages.PDF


COLD-WEATHER AREAS Weather & Environment                                 1986   80 pages.PDF

ARMY Fire-fighting Operations FM 5-415                                   1999  273 pages.pdf

ARMY Environmental Considerations in Mil Ops                             2000  232 pages.pdf

ARMY Adverse Effects of Cold Survival Card                               1985    2 pages.pdf

ARMY Training and the Environment field card                             2002    6 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam - Basic Cold Weather Manual                                 1968  203 pages.pdf

Citizens Preparedness Guide                                                     30 pages.pdf

Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Manual                                             11 pages.pdf

Earthquakes                                                                      1 page.pdf

Emergency Human Waste Disposal                                                   1 page.pdf

Emergency Management for Business and Indus.                                    81 pages.pdf

Emergency Response to Hazardous Materials                                2000  383 pages.pdf

FEMA Aboveground Home (Fallout) Shelter                                  1980    8 pages.pdf

FEMA After A Flood, The First Steps                                      1992    2 pages.pdf

FEMA An Introduction to Hazardous Materials                                    131 pages.pdf

FEMA Animals in a Disaster IS10                                          1998  185 pages.pdf

FEMA Avoiding Earthquake Damage Home Checklist                                   4 pages.pdf

FEMA Belowground Home (Fallout) Shelters                                 1980    8 pages.pdf

FEMA Belowground Shelter Modified Ceiling                                1980    8 pages.pdf

FEMA Belowground Shelter Tilt up storage ceiling                         1980    4 pages.pdf

FEMA Building A Safe Room Inside Your Home                                      32 pages.pdf

FEMA Chemical Emergency                                                         11 pages.pdf

FEMA Decision Making and Problem Solving                                 2005  122 pages.pdf

FEMA Designing for Tsunamis                                              2001   71 pages.pdf

FEMA Effective Communication                                             2005  158 pages.pdf

FEMA Emergency Preparedness Checklist                                    1993    4 pages.pdf

FEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism                                     1997  116 pages.pdf

FEMA Expedient Shelter Design                                                   16 pages.pdf

FEMA Family Disaster Supplies Kit                                                4 pages.pdf

FEMA Federal Response Plan                                               1999  304 pages.pdf

FEMA Floods                                                                      1 page.pdf

FEMA Homeowners Retrofitting-Flooding                                    1998  173 pages.pdf

FEMA House Fires                                                                 1 page.pdf

FEMA Leadership and Influence IS240                                      2005  191 pages.pdf

FEMA Prepared for the Woods                                              2003   16 pages.pdf

FEMA Protecting Home or Sm. Business-Disasters                           2005   84 pages.pdf

FEMA Radiation Safety In Shelters                                        1983  114 pages.pdf

FEMA Radiological Accidents                                                      4 pages.pdf

FEMA Recovery From Nuclear Attack  FEMA-160                              1988   29 pages.pdf

FEMA Volcanoes      1 page.pdf

FEMA Wildfire - Are You Prepared                                                 8 pages.pdf

FEMA Winter Storms - Fact Sheet                                          1993    4 pages.pdf

FEMA Your Family Disaster Plan                                           1993    8 pages.pdf

FEMA Your Family Emergency Plan                                          1991    4 pages.pdf

Flooding Info                                                                    1 page.pdf

Landslides and Mud Flows                                                         2 pages.pdf

NAVY Aviation Weather Student Guide                                      2003  158 pages.pdf

NAVY Meteorology Training Course                                         2001  252 pages.pdf

Oregon State Tsunami Warning                                             2004   49 pages.pdf

Tornado - Selecting Refuge Areas,Buildings                               2003   72 pages.pdf

CDC Tsunami Centers for Disease Cont. Response                           2005    2 pages.pdf

Tsunami Health Effects                                                   2004    1 page.pdf

Tsunami Warning Systems and Procedures                                   2001   41 pages.pdf

Winter Power Failure                                                            16 pages.pdf





ARMY Arm and Hand Signals                                                       10 pages.pdf

ARMY Abbreviations & Codes                                                     172 pages.pdf

ARMY Journal. Still Photography Journalists                              1989  122 pages.pdf

ARMY Journal. TV Graphics-Broadcast Journalists                          1988   25 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist - Electronic Journalism II                               1990   98 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist - Feature Writing,Editorials                             1993   57 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist-Perform Announ.Maintain Broadcast                        1985   50 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist-Plan&Prod. Field Prod.&TV                                1989   33 pages.pdf

ARMY Signal Data Ref.- Signal Equipment                                  1994  410 pages.pdf

ARMY TV and Audio Systems                                                1986   64 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Basic Lighting Techniques                                        1987   46 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Basic TV Lighting, Audio,Scenery                                 1987   65 pages.pdf

ARMY Brevity Codes  FM 90-38                                             1997   34 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist - Advanced Broadcasting                                  1990   43 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist - Photojournalism I                                      1985   82 pages.pdf

ARMY Korea - Signal Generator                                            1953   60 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Analyzing Color Vid. & Test Signals                              1988   80 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Documentation Cinematography                                     1990   49 pages.pdf

ARMY Comm. Procedures for Tactical Radio                                 2002   92 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Filming Uncontrolled Action                                      1987   38 pages.pdf

ARMY WWII Radio Receiver Inst. for BC-224A                               1936   88 pages.pdf

NAVY WWII - Intro to Radio Equipment                                     1946  308 pages.pdf

USMC Antenna Handbook MCRP 3-40.3C                                       2003  191 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Script Writing-Educat. Visual Info Prog.                         1988   83 pages.pdf

NAVY WWII - Radar Operators Manual                                       1945  407 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam - Topographic Symbols                                       1964  149 pages.pdf

USMC Communications for the FMF Marine                                   2002   83 pages.pdf

USMC Multi-Service Brevity Codes                                         2003   50 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist Course - Intro to Journalism                                    49 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist Electronic Journalism I                                  1991   76 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist Photojournalism II                                       1989   46 pages.pdf

ARMY Journalist Photojournalism III                                      1989   34 pages.pdf

ARMY Communications Jamming                                              1992   77 pages.pdf

ARMY Preparing & Managing Correspondence                                 2002   34 pages.pdf

ARMY Send a Radio Message                                                1987    7 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Application of TV Test Equipment                                 1986   97 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Basic Circuits of TV Studio Equip.                                      65 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Field Television Production                                      1986  205 pages.pdf

ARMY TV-Filming Controlled Action                                        1988   41 pages.pdf

ARMY Visual Signals FM 21-60                                             1987   72 pages.pdf

ARMY Wave Propagation,Trans. Lines,Antennas                              2004  269 pages.pdf

ARMY Tactical Single Chan. Radio Comm Techniques                         1987  322 pages.pdf

NAVY Aircraft Colors & Markings                                          1985  308 pages.pdf

NAVY Radio-Frequency Comm. Principles Vol 17                             1998  201 pages.pdf

USAF WWII - Radio Manual-BC-348 Radios                                   1942   88 pages.pdf

USMC Radio Operator's Handbook                                           2001  148 pages.pdf

USMC Antenna Handbook                                                    1999  192 pages.pdf

USMC Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)                                       1999  123 pages.pdf

Short Wave Frenquency Guide                                                      3 pages.pdf

Choosing a Shortwave Radio                                                      11 pages.pdf


Ammo, a military working dog handled by Master-at-Arms 1st Class Marcus Watkins, apprehend a suspect as part of a security demonstration held at the 23rd Annual National Night Out onboard Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka.Sailors attending Commander Navy Region Southwest Training Center, arrest a suspect during a high-risk traffic stop training scenario.

Law Enforcement, Security, Military and Civilian Investigations                       

ARMY Civil Disturbance Operations                                               2005  256 pages.pdf

ARMY Law Enforcement Investigations                                      2005  507 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Investigations-Supp. Materials                                   1993  393 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Traffic Operations                                               1977  245 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Law and Order Operations                                                1987  238 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Leaders Handbook                                                 2002  640 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Operations                                                       2002  162 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Detainee Policy, Procedures& Operations                                 2006   53 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Internment Resettlement Operations                                      2001  317 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Interviews,Investigations,Apprehend                              2006   86 pages.pdf

ARMY MP Tactics,Techniques,Procedures.                                   1995   88 pages.pdf

ARMY Physical Security FM 3-19.30                                        2001  317 pages.pdf

ARMY Law Enforcement Investigations                                      1985  281 pages.pdf

ARMY Civil Disturbance Operations                                               2006  115 pages.pdf

ARMY Civil Disturbances FM 19-15                                               160 pages.pdf

ARMY Command & Control of Detainee Ops                                   2005   19 pages.pdf

ARMY Investigating Assaults, Suicides, Homicides                          1967   25 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam- Crimes involving Poisons                                   1967   17 pages.pdf

ARMY Polygraph Examinations                                              1966    9 pages.pdf

ARMY The Army Physical Security Program                                  1993   64 pages.pdf

NAVY Physical Security                                                   2001  119 pages.pdf

Operational Law Handbook                                                 2004  563 pages.pdf

USDOD Phys. Security Guidelines-Facilities                               1987  289 pages.pdf

UN Protocol against Illicit Manufacturing of Firearms

Police Special Response Team SRT Guide                                   2002   69 pages.pdf

USA Patriot Act of 2001                                                  2001  136 pages.pdf

FBI - Handbook Of Forensic Science                                             130 pages.pdf

Prison Survival & Support-what to expect & do                                   36 pages.pdf

AVIATION URBAN OPERATIONS                                                2001  125 pages.pdf


 Adm. William J. Fallon, commander, U.S. Central Command, speaks with service members on board Camp Lemonier.

Command Training

ARMY Army Command Policy                                                 2002   97 pages.pdf

ARMY Army Leadership                                                     1993   15 pages.pdf

ARMY Civil Affairs - Tactics,Techniq,Proced.                             2003  535 pages.pdf

ARMY Drill and Ceremonies                                                2003  277 pages.pdf

ARMY Effective Speaking IS1703                                                 169 pages.pdf

ARMY Joint Force Land Comp. Command Hndbk                                2001  144 pages.pdf

ARMY Public Affairs Tactics, Techniques, Procedures.                    2000  202 pages.pdf

ARMY Risk Management FM 3-100.12                                         2001   61 pages.pdf

ARMY Vietnam-How to Conduct Mil Training                                 1975  180 pages.pdf

NAVY Commanders Antiterrorism Force Protection                                  22 pages.pdf

NAVY Navy Instructional Theory 14300                                     2003  160 pages.pdf

NAVY Navy School Management Manual                                       2000  352 pages.pdf

USDOE Human Factors & Ergonomics                                                            

USMC Drill and Ceremonies Manual                                         2003  138 pages.pdf



 Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class Andrew Marlatt, an instructor at The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit Jacksonville, goes over hydraulic systems on a SH-60 Sea Hawk system trainer.

Mechanical Skills and Driving Skills

ARMY Deployment Fort to Fort                                                          2002  213 pages.pdf

ARMY Direct Fuel System Supply Point Operations                           1992   37 pages.pdf

ARMY High Mobil Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.

ARMY Introduction to Wheeled Vehicles                                           60 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Electronic Systems Component Repair                   1988  254 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Hand Tools                                                              158 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Metal Auto Body Repair                                            60 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Principles of Internal Combust Engine                              105 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Principles of Auto Electric                                1991   57 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Principles of Auto Electricity                             1991  112 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Principles of Auto Engines                                 1991   77 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Principles of Gas, Diesel Fuel Systems.                               127 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Treat Water And Marine Diesel Engine                           1992   15 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic-Wheel Vehicle Drive Lines, Axles, Suspens.                            81 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic-Wheel Vehicle Clutches, Transmissions.                              116 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic-Wheel Vehicle Electric Systems 2                                           115 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Engines                                            162 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Wheeled Vehicle Brake System.                                        88 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Fuel and Exhaust. Systems.                    78 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Steering Systems.                                          54 pages.pdf

ARMY Simplified Test Equipment- Internal Combust Engine                       75 pages.pdf

ARMY Mechanic Wheel Vehicle Electrical Systems 1                                  126 pages.pdf

ARMY Vehicle Unit Maintenance 1                                          1992  622 pages.pdf

ARMY Vehicle Unit Maintenance 2                                          1997  893 pages.pdf

NAVY Driver's Handbook                                                   1980   84 pages.pdf

USDOD Handbook of Rust proofing Vehicles                                 1983   84 pages.pdf

Professional Knowledge Gained from Operational Experience in Vietnam     1969   74 pages.pdf

ARMY BRADLEY GUNNERY                                                     2003  505 pages.pdf



Navigation and Mobilization 

ARMY Aerial Delivery in Theater of Operations                                   2003   56 pages.pdf

ARMY Attack Helicopter Operations                                        1997  351 pages.pdf

ARMY Map Reading and Land Navigation                                       2001  246 pages.pdf

ARMY Military Skiing                                                     1981   61 pages.pdf

ARMY Op Manual Chinook Helicopter                                        2004  714 pages.pdf

ARMY River Crossing                                                      1992  165 pages.PDF

ARMY Utility and Cargo Helicopter Operations                                    1997  179 pages.pdf

USMC Land Navigation                                                     2001   40 pages.pdf

ARMY Visual Aircraft Recognition                                         1996  364 pages.pdf


ARMY Preventive Watercraft Maintenance                                   1992   18 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Diesel-Electric Locomotives                                    155 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Military Railway Equipment                               1976   52 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Military Train Operations                                             125 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Rail Operations, Theater                                 1976   85 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Rail Operations, Yard                                          172 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Rail Operations Planning                                              169 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Rail Operations, Dispatching                                          172 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Railway Rolling Stock   Ed. 4                                  144 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Railway Track Maintenance I                                    120 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Railway Track Maintenance II                                 120 pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Loading, Blocking, Bracing Rail Cars                      96    pages.pdf

ARMY Railroad Maintenance of Diesel Electronics.                         107    pages.pdf

ARMY Shipboard Operations                                                1997     277    pages.pdf

ARMY Watercraft Equipment. Character. and Data               1996    135   pages.pdf

ARMY Watercraft Safety                                                       1996    251   pages.pdf

NAVY Civilian Diving Program                                             1993   27   pages.pdf

NAVY Corrosion Control                                                      1992    306    pages.pdf

NAVY Maintenance Policy for U.S. Ships                              2003   74   pages.pdf

NAVY Master at Arms course                                                 1994  716   pages.pdf

NAVY Nautical Skills Course Quartermaster                          2003  486   pages.pdf

NAVY Railway Operating Handbook                                       1999  207   pages.pdf

NAVY Shipboard Pest Control                                                  2000  170   pages.pdf

NAVY Wood Protection                                                             1990  226   pages.pdf

NAVY WWII - Know Your PT Boat                                                 1945   55    pages.pdf

NAVY WWII-Detail Specs for Building PT Boats                           1944  116    pages.pdf

USCG You're in Command,Boat Safely                                                        13    pages.pdf

USDOD Railroad - Trackage                                                              2004   84    pages.pdf

USMC Amphibious Ships & Landing Craft Data                               2001   39   pages.pdf


 Medical support to Afghani troops

Health, Medical and Dental Survival

ARMY Dental Anatomy & Physiology                                           169   pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Chair (JSA-R)                                                2006   77    pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Instrument Setups  Ed.200                                      174    pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Materials MD0502                                                    99    pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Materials MD0502  Ed.200                                       86    pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Preventive Dentistry                                      2006  102   pages.pdf

ARMY Dental Specialist General Duties                               2006   75    pages.pdf

ARMY Field Hygiene  FM 21-10                                         2000  161    pages.pdf

ARMY Foot Marches                                                            1990  130    pages.pdf

ARMY Soldier Health Maintinance                                      2003  103    pages.pdf

ARMY Soldiers Guide to Stay Healthy                                 2001     2     pages.pdf

ARMY Soliers Guide to Stay Healthy                                                2     pages.pdf

ARMY The Army Weight Control Program                         1987   43     pages.pdf

NAVY Manual of Naval Preventive Medicine                     2004  561     pages.pdf

NAVY Muscular Exercise Program                                                   7      pages.pdf

NAVY Nutrition,Weight Cont. Self Study Guide                 1996  123    pages.pdf

NAVY Peak Perform. from Nutrition&Exercise                   1999  132    pages.pdf

NAVY Personal Fitness Training Plan                                  1998    16    pages.pdf

NAVY Sexual Health Primer                                                 2004   79     pages.pdf

USMC Personal Financial Management                               1998  151     pages.pdf

USMC Phys. Readiness Training for Combat                       2004  218    pages.pdf

USMC Physical Fitness Test and Body Comp. Program      2002  124   pages.pdf

US Marine Corps Marine Physical Readiness Training for Combat   218   pages.pdf

.ARMY Medical Anesthesia Apparatus                                 2006   61    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Arthropod Control                                                  62    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Arthropod Identfy & Surveys                               124    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Aspects of Harsh Environ. Vol1                 2001  624    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Aspects of Harsh Environ. Vol2                 2001  611    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Bacteriology                                                2006  265    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Electrical Circuits  Ed.200                            37    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Electricity      Ed.200                                    37    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Human Anatomy   Ed.100                          255    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Human Physiology   Ed.100                              307   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Mathematics      Ed.100                                     124   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Medical Terminology                                        204   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Basic Patient Care Procedures                                    122    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Blood Donor Operations I  Ed.101                             192    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Blood Donor Operations II  Ed.101                            101    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Cardiac Impairment   Ed.100                                      108    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Cardiopulmonary (CPR)                                   2006  131    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Chest and Airway Problems  Ed.100                            62    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Communicable Diseases Field Sanitation                   139    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Decontaminating Casualties   Ed.100                           48     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Diseases of Mil. Importance  Ed.100                          165    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Drug Dosage and Therapy   Ed.100                            237    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Environmental Diseases, Injuries I                    2006   96    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Environmental Injuries                                      2006   92     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Environmental Injuries   Ed 100                                   86     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Environmental Injuries II                                   2006   79     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Eye, Ear, and Nose Injuries                                          62     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical First Aid                                                            2002  309     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical First Aid For Soldiers                                       1976  160     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical First Aid For Soldiers                                       1988  304     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Foreign Body Airway Obstruction                     1992    4     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical General Chemistry                                           2005  117      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Health Care Ethics I                                         2006  127      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Health Care Ethics II                                        2006  202      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Immunization. Environmental Injuries            2006  157     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Individual Safety Card                                      2005   10      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Inpatient Dispensing                                         2006   60      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Intro to Mil. Prevent. Medicine                                 178      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Intro to Practical Nursing                                             46     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Laboratory Centrifuge                                       2006   33     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Laboratory Mathematics                                            182     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Manage. of Patients, Resp. Dysfunct.                          72     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Medical Platoon Leader handbook                   2001  224     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Medical Specialist                                            1984  718     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Mental Health                                                   2006  112    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care I                            2005  185     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Obstetric & Newborn Care II                           2005  260     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Obstetrics & Pediatrics                                     2006  114     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Operating Room Table                                      2006   42     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Parasitology I                                                    2006  124     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Parasitology II                                                   2006  254     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pesticides in the Military                                            101      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmaceutical Calculations                                       149     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmacology I                                                           202     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmacology II                                                         205     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmacology III                                                           179     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmacology IV                                                 2006  195     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Pharmacology Math for Practical Nurse                       167      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Poisonous Snakebite Treatment                            1990    4      pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Principles of Epidemiology,Microbiology                      89     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Psychosocial Issues                                              2006   86     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Respiratory Diseases and Disorders                    2006  101    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Rodent Biology, Survey,Control                                     60    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Routine Procedure for an Operation                                98    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Self aid and Buddy Aid                                       2005  271    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Solid Waste Disposal    Ed. 100                                      93    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Special Surgical Procedure II                                        166    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Sterile Procedures        Ed.100                                        82     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Storage and Sanitation                                        2005  135     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Surgical Dressing Sterilizer                                 2006   64     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Taking Vital Signs                                              2006  120     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Central Nervous System                                        123    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Endocrine System  Ed.100                                      50     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Gastrointestinal System  Ed.100                           145     pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Genitourinary System I   Ed.100                             90    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Genitourinary System II  Ed.100                             84    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Musculoskeletal System                                          49    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical The Sensory System                                                      100    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Treating Fractures in the Field                             2006  113   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Venomous Arthropods                                         1993      4   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Waste Water Treatment                                                 155    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Wound Care                                                                     78    pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Tac.Combat Casualty Care and WoundS            2006  177    pages.pdf

ARMY Nursing Cardio Related,Respiratory System                               109    pages.pdf

ARMY Nursing Care of the Surgical Patient                                             96    pages.pdf

ARMY Nursing Gastrointestinal Related,Urinary System                       137    pages.pdf

ARMY Nursing Related to Musculoskeletal System                                 71    pages.pdf

ARMY Nursing Sensory and Neurological System Related                    113    pages.pdf

NATO Medical Emergency War Surgery                                                 446   pages.pdf

NAVY Medical First Aid For Soldiers                                           1988  309   pages.pdf

NAVY Medical Hospital Corpsman                                               2003  574   pages.pdf

USMC First Aid                                                                              2002  227   pages.pdf

ARMY Medical Combat Lifesaver Course                                              115    pages.pdf



ARMY Dictionary of Military Terms                                             2002  616    pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Math Conversion Factors, Comm. Formula             2005      2    pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Mathematics I  Add-Subtract-Multiply-Divide                                     .pdf 

ARMY Basic Mathematics II Decimal-Fractions                                       48    pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Mathematics III Volume-Area                                             55     pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Mathematics IV Ratio-Proportion                            1988    33    pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Statistics                                                                    1991  118    pages.pdf

ARMY Units Of Measure and Converstion Factors                                                     .pdf

USDOE Mathematics, Volume 1 of 2                                             1992  206     pages.pdf

USDOE Mathematics, Volume 2 of 2                                             1992  112     pages.pdf

ARMY Reading Comp.Study Methods-Time Management Skills                               .pdf       

NAVY Basic Math and Algebra                                                      1985  304     pages.pdf

ARMY The Army Universal Task List                                            2003  450    pages.pdf

U.S. History Guide                                                                                                        .pdf

USDOE Classical Physics                                                                1992  142    pages.pdf

USDOE Chemistry, Vol. 1 of 2                                                       1993  140     pages.pdf

USDOE Chemistry, Vol. 2 of 2                                                       1993  138     pages.pdf

ARMY GEOLOGY                                                                         1996  109     pages.pdf


Builder 2nd Class Darby McCuller uses a level to draw an elevation line.

Construction, Engineering, Carpentry

ARMY Engineer Carpentry                                                             1995  223    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Carpentry I                                                           1995  117    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Carpentry II                                                         1995  104    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Carpentry III                                                                    66    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Builders Hardware                                                1992   16    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography I Map Mathematics                                   183    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography II                                                               146    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography III Aerial Photos                                       103    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography IX  Map Overlays                                       72    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography VII  Color Separation                                 96    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Cartography VIII Map Editing                                        88    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Construction Equipment Repairing Hydraulics    1999   82    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Design Forms for Concrete Wall                          2006   47    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Design of Small Water Systems                           1999   83    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Diving Operations                                                2004   54    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Diving Operations                                                1992   38    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Earthmovers, Tractors                                                       8    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Intelligence and Recon.                                                 456    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Landscape Design and Planning                          1988   60    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Mil. Nonstandard Fixed Bridging                       2002  558    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Operations FM 3-34                                            2004  339    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Survey III Topograph                                         2001  283    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Survey I Math and Survey Principles                 1996  166    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Operations  FM 3-34                                                    339     pages.pdf

ARMY Contractors on the Battlefield                                            2003  124     pages.pdf

NAVY Well drilling Operations                                                     1995  262     pages.pdf

USDOD Fire Protect. Engineering for Facilities                            2004  119     pages.pdf

USDOD Inspection, Mainten,Test Fire Protection Systems           2001   39      pages.pdf

USDOD Protective Coatings and Paints                                                                      .pdf

USDOD Systems Engineering Fundamentals                                2001  222     pages.pdf

USDOD Tropical Engineering                                                        2004   92     pages.pdf

USDOE Fire                                                                                                                 .pdf

USDOE Instrumentation and Control Temp Detector                   1992  280     pages.pdf

USMC Heavy Construction Equipment Operator Grader                          39    pages.pdf

USMC Heavy Construction Equipment Operator Scraper                         37    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Cathodic Protection                                            1985   60    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical DC AC Formula Data                                                     2     pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Foreign Voltages Frequencies                            1999   31    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Hydroelectric Power Plants Design                   1994  118    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Lightning Static Elec. Protection                       1985    20    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Power Plant Design                                           1984  135    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Power Supply and Distution                              1995  122    pages.pdf

ARMY Electrical Power and Energy                                              1996   32    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Basic Communications Information                1999   51    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics AC Math and Generation, Sine Wave              1998   81    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Basic Electricity Part 1                                              120    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Basic Schematic Interpretation                         1996   82    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Introduction to Cells and Batteries                              32    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Introduction to Logical Troubleshoot               1996   59    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Plan a Tactical Telephone System                    1994   73    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics Radio Direction Finding                                   1999   53    pages.pdf

ARMY Electronics RadioWave Propagation Antennas                   1986  186    pages.pdf

Average Wattage Requirments, Generators, Appliances                               3    pages.pdf

Solar Information to get Electricity                                                              20    pages.pdf

NAVY Electrical Measuring and Test Instruments                          1999    42    pages.pdf

NAVY Electrical Motors and Controllers                                        1999    50    pages.pdf

NAVY Electrical Power Generating Equipment                              1999    56    pages.pdf

NAVY Electrical Safety Field Guide                                               1998   154    pages.pdf

NAVY Electronics Microwave Principles                                        1998  192    pages.pdf

NAVY Electronics Technician Antennas and Wave                        1995  124    pages.pdf

NAVY Electronics Technician Vol 1  Safety                                   1997    58    pages.pdf

NAVY Electronics Technician Vol 3 Comm. Sys.                           1997  220    pages.pdf

NAVY Intro to Electronic Conductivity-Wiring-Schematic Reading  1998  152   pages.pdf

USDOD Electrical Safety Elec. Trans and Distribution System           2004  187   pages.pdf

USDOD Electrical Soldering Electnonics and Electronic Assemably  1990  212    pages.pdf

USDOE Electrical Safety Handbook                                                     1998  324    pages.pdf

ARMY Engineer Refrigeration And Air Conditioner I The Fundamentals      86    pages.pdf

NAVY Maintenance And Operation Of Active Solar Heating Systems           1990  277 pages.pdf

USDOD Active Solar Preheat Systems                                                              2002   98 pages.pdf

USDOD Heating Systems Operations and Maintenance                                   2004  282 pages.pdf

USDOD Heating Ventilation-Air Conditioner-Dehumidifier Systems              1995  227 pages.pdf

USDOD Passive Solar Buildings                                                                         2004  201 pages.pdf

USDOD Solar Heating of Buildings and Solar Water Heating                          2004  167 pages.pdf

USDOE Thermodynamic Heat Transfer-Fluid Flow-Volume 1                         1992  138 pages.pdf

USDOE Thermodynamic Heat Transfer-Fluid Flow-Volume 3                         1992  102 pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Hydraulic Systems and Components                                            1994   67 pages.pdf

ARMY Basic Hydraulics And Plumbing                                                            1994   76 pages.pdf

ARMY Hydraulics                                                                                              1997  172 pages.pdf

NAVY Fluid Power                                                                                            1990  206 pages.pdf

NAVY Blueprint Reading And Sketching                                                          1994  221 pages.pdf

NAVY Illustration-Draftsman-Equipment-Volume 1                                         2002  372 pages.pdf

NAVY Illustration-Draftsman-Drafting, Practice And Theory Volume 2         1999  428 pages.pdf

NAVY Illustration-Draftsman Volume 3                                                           2003  582 pages.pdf

NAVY Illustration-Draftsman Presentation And Graphics Volume 4               2003  272 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Band Saw Operations                                                                     101 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Fundamentals Of Machine Tools                                          1996  310 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Lathe Operations                                                                             140 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Machine shop Calculations                                                             127 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Metal Properties, Uses, Characteristics And Codes                         98 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Milling Machine Operations                                                  1988   52 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Milling Machine Operations                                                             81 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Precision Measuring And Gauging                                                   96 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Precision Measuring Instruments                                                      50 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist Principles of Drafting and Workshop Drawing                              117 pages.pdf

ARMY Machinist  Shop Safety                                                                                     83 pages.pdf

NAVY Machinist Machinery Repairman                                                           1993  406 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Prepare Plumbing Takeoff List 1                                                      25 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Water Supply  2                                                                                78 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Waste Systems  EN5112     3                                                          102 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Plumbing Fixtures EN5113      4                                                      96 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Repairing Valves And Fixture Control Devices 5                             57 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Waste Systems And Stoppages 6                                                      32 pages.pdf

ARMY Plumbing Pipe Fitting                                                                            2001  340 pages.pdf

ARMY Welding Procedures, Design And Inspection                                         1985   96 pages.pdf

ARMY Welding Operations Part 1                                                                              113 pages.pdf

ARMY Welding Operations Part 2                                                                                80 pages.pdf

ARMY Welding Theory                                                                                                52 pages.pdf

NAVY Welding Materials Handbook                                                               1991  215 pages.pdf

USDOE Lead Acid Storage Batteries                                                                 1995   54 pages.pdf




SYSTEM DESIGN FEATURES                                                                         2001  220 pages.pdf


Some Other Manuals+Many More

ARMY Band Section Leader Handbook                                        2005   70 pages  pdf

ARMY Bands Music FM 12-50                                                     1999  206 pages  pdf

ARMY Photography Intro to Portrait                                             1994   63 pages  pdf

ARMY Piano and Guitar                                                                1978   69 pages  pdf

ARMY Realistic Drawing                                                              1991   86 pages  pdf

NAVY Basic Music                                                                        1991   61 pages  pdf

NAVY Music Training For Musicians                                           1986   94 pages  pdf

NAVY Photography Advanced                                                      1993  480 pages  pdf

NAVY NAVEDTRA Photography Advanced                               1995  226 pages  pdf

NAVY Photography Advanced                                                      1995  226 pages  pdf

USMC About Iraq Introduction to Country And People                2002  123 pages  pdf

USMC Afghanistan Introduction to Country and People                           67 pages  pdf

USMC Iraqi Culture Brief                                                                            5 pages  pdf

The Art Of War Sun Tzu 6th Cen. BC                                                       43 pages  pdf

Constitution of the United States                                                                              .pdf

The Constitution of the United States of America 1787                                           .pdf

US Naval Academy Principles of Broadsword Instruction                       46 Pages  pdf

USMC Return and Reunion Guide for Marines and Families        2003   20 pages  pdf

US Marine Corps Ship To Shore Movement                                   2002  283 Pages  pdf

Code of Conduct, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, And Escape Training      1984   18 Pages  pdf



tnt trinitrotoluenes and mono and dinitrotoluenes                            1918  136 pages  pdf



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